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Ambit is a retail energy provider that is making a difference for energy consumers in following states:

Texas, New York, Illinois, Maryland, and Pennsylvania

We  provide energy to the following customers in these states:

Texas – electricity for residential and commercial customers
New York - electricity and natural gas for residential and small business customers
Illinois - natural gas and electricity for residential customers
Maryland - electricity for residential customers
Pennsylvania - electricity for residential customers

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Ambit Energy - Power your future!
All Ambit customers enjoy significant savings and an attractive travel rewards program.
Additionally, through our Free Energy Program, customers can reduce or eliminate their energy charges each month by referring friends and associates to use Ambit Energy service.

We acquire our customers through a network of Independent Sales Consultants.

In the highly-competitive market for energy consumers, this acquisition strategy has proven to be the most effective way to gather loyal customers. In fact, it has allowed us to be among the fastest-growing retail energy providers in the markets in which we operate.

Further, we have forged an energy purchasing agreement with one of the largest energy producers in the world, which allows us to forecast energy costs accurately and, in turn, provide highly competitive pricing to our customers.

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Big John's Ambit Energy Blog - Make Money with Ambit Energy now

I want to Save you Money!

by John Ost on 06/11/11

Ambit Energy Electricity Rates are some of the best rates around. Click on one of my links and see how much you can save on your energy bill. My interactive software can compare your current rates and bill and show you the money you can save. This only takes a few minutes and can save you hundreds of dollars a year on your bills. The foundation to building wealth is to make your money go further and be more powerful, let Ambit Energy help you get rich and discover your true potential.

“Spring Ka-Ching” Promotion Extended Through June!

by John Ost on 06/06/11

"Spring Ka-Ching" Promotion Extended Through June!

The sweet sounds of success will continue to echo through June 30. Ambit Energy is extending double bonuses for the month of June. This is a great chance to jump on board and capitalize on these bonuses.


Enjoy the continued splendor of spring by earning big bonuses:


  • Double Bonuses when all triggered customers are in Texas, Maryland, Pennsylvania or Illinois


  • 50% Matching Bonus when all triggered customers are in New York




Ambit is coming to Chicago!

by John Ost on 06/06/11

Turn It On” Illinois!


When we "Turn It On" in Illinois, we’ll be offering our Illinois Plan term plan and our Certified Green Select Plan to customers throughout the Commonwealth Edison territory. This area includes the entire city of Chicago, stretches from the Indiana border to the Mississippi River, and extends from the Wisconsin border to south of Kankakee.


It’s time for you to enroll as an Ambit customers now! We start Service June 23, 2011 click on one of my links to compare rates.


Fixed-Rate Plan:


Illinois Select 12-month Term




Month-to-Month Plan:


Illinois Select Variable




Green Plans:


Certified Green Select 12-month Term               




Certified Green Select Variable                      




Effective 06/22/2011. Rates subject to change. 


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